pastor larry weaver

Larry Weaver is an Apostolic preacher with roots in Flint. He was commissioned by his former bishop and sent to Grand Rapids to start a new church 38 years ago. Upon arrival, he faced myriad challenges and learned how to address problems head on, even as a 22-year-old leader. Looking back on these years, Pastor Weaver can see how these initial difficulties as a young pastor helped build his character and develop a persevering spirit.

Coming from a city where the majority of residents were African-American, Pastor Weaver was initially surprised to find relative ethnic diversity within the Grand Rapids city limits. This is a context that fits well with his open-door policy and invitational approach to the community. His congregation moved into their current location at 707 Eastern SE over nearly four years ago, and he loves the area and feels like his evangelistic ministry style connects well with others.

Pastor Weaver has a robust list of hopes and dreams. He has plans to strength youth-oriented programs and activities, to develop a drug outreach ministry, and to help bring the community together to address local concerns like crime and prostitution on the SE side. As a man of faith, he knows that these more negative aspects of neighborhood life can be changed and a better way forward can be established. He also recognizes that building lasting, meaningful relationships is the key to real transformation. 

Pastor Weaver has been married to his wife Theresa for over 23 years. Together, they have seven children. His love for young people, and his desire to pass on wisdom to the next generations, springs from his own family life. His preaching and teaching reflect a deep passion to help youth find a joyful, purposeful life path.